I just spent about a week and a half housesitting in the woods of Rhode Island (nb: same house I wrote the majority of "A House Is A Holding" in) and now am back in Philly just in time for some summer thunder storms. I'm excited ! The air is cool and wet and the sky is fully grey and ready to BOOM. Good feeling. While I was at the house I was spending alot of time watching the chickens that live on the property, two hens and a rooster. I've always considered chickens to be some of the truest freaks around, but just sitting there watching their beautiful dinosaur feet run through the mud and thinking about how two of them were running around with whole hardshell eggs somewhere inside them really blew my mind. I started to empathize with them too, as we both we were essentially in the same situation. Confined to a space with one place to sleep, and one to roam/eat. I and the few people I mentioned this to were wondering: "well if you're living the same life as them where's your egg ?" And it wasn't until the long bus ride from Providence to Philly that I FINALLY figured it out.

It's probably too boring to go into detail, but I'll essentially be taking a long break from touring and shows to spend alot of time recording something new and work out a few other things. I know I'm not designed for the music biz and all it's traps and exploitation, and my favorite things to do have and always will be to be at home cooking, reading and making. So I'll be doing that, as well as working in my home community and focusing on positive change, and sending updates via this newsletter on how everything is progressing on the egg. It's a strange time to be a person, and often reading the news in the morning makes me feel so helpless, but I do genuinely believe a caring, well intentioned community is possible within the arts and at large ! So I hope that you're doing OK and doing what you need to do to stay afloat !


I have three shows coming up in Philadelphia, the last ones for a little while:
•7/15 @ The Tundra Dome w/ Naps, Josh Mason and Shedding•
•7/20 @ Peter's House w/ Snow Caps, The Widest Smiling Faces and Ami Madeleine•
Let me know if you'd like to attend any and I can send info !!


Over the past year or so I've been listening alot to Maxine Funke and I'm excited to spread the word that she has not one but TWO albums coming out ! The first is already out, called Home-Fi and the other, "Silk," is coming out on Feeding Tube later this year. Her album Lace has become one of my all time favorites and I think that alot of folks I know would LOVE her music. So if you have the time, I highly recommend diving in !

<3 tim <3

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