A : Only slightly ! In that I only dealt with a flooded basement once, in that I only watched water pour from a light fixture once. Not bad ! Other than that, I spent the summer biking long distances, woods walking twice a day, moving moving moving.

That's right, I moved ! I now live in the top floor of an old old home, encased in slate shingles and thick stone walls and surrounded by tall tall trees. My closest neighbors are the cicadas, who I love to hear sing all day and night (though I did catch one prowling by my window, trying to eat my curry !) Aside from mainly eating vegenaise and homemade sauerkraut sandwiches, one of the most exciting parts of the new apartment is that for the first time in the 25 years of my life I have a room to myself to record in. I've been home recording since I was 11 or 12 and it has always been right next to my bed. Even when I went to Olympia to record at Mike's place it was still right next to the couch I was sleeping on ! It feels great, truly, and I'm excited to begin really recording my new album "From The Canopy" uh...Monday ?? Probably !!


I am a NEW member of an Arts Collective here in Philadelphia named Space 1026, but I've been following the Space for a while and am VERY happy to be a part of it ! We are currently looking for a new building, as the one that Space has occupied for 21 years has of course been sold to a developer. You've heard the story before! With thousands of other DIY spaces. But, we are very committed to finding a new space and continuing the legacy ! Countless artists I love and look up to have played or exhibited or been involved with Space over the years, and I'm excited to be a part of it and help bring more things I love into it. If you're at all interested in learning more, or donating money to help us BUY a new building, you can follow this link :)


•I recently added a physical newsletter option to the website ! First one going out this fall !•
•I have spent most of the summer listening to Kurt Weisman, here are some favorites
•And, speaking of Feathers/Brattleboro musicians, my next show (and probably last for the year) is at the aforementioned Space 1026 on November 10th with Ruth Garbus and one more act TBA ! More details on that to come ! •

Bye bye, thanks for reading !

^ slug friend made while gardening in July ^

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