This cassettes comes in a hand painted sleeve

"Wildness Wending"
is a compilation of songs by Tim Woulfe recorded over the course of a year and released on Mt. Home Arts (R.I.P). They are about living softly and moving and caring through the world.

• Tracks 1-9 ("The Sleep Cycles" LP) were recorded in Barrington, RI and Olympia, WA. Nora Einbender-Luks and Rachel Gordon sing and Mike Ditrio plays drums. Mike Ditrio also recorded various parts and mastered the album.

• Track 10 was recorded in a strangers home in Elkins Park, PA. A parrot named grey who likes to impersonate microwaves is singing along.

• Track 11 (from the "Riptide" EP) was recorded in Olympia, WA. Rachel Gordon plays bass and sings and Mike Ditrio recorded the song and played drums.

• Track 12 was recorded in Philadelphia, PA on the first real day of spring.

• Tracks 13-16 ("No World, All Thunder" EP) were recorded in various homes around the neighborhood of Mount Airy in Philadelphia over a month of couch surfing and house sitting. Imagining a home through song.

• Track 17 was recorded in a tiny room in Brooklyn, NY on a Tascam digital recorder. The techniques used on this led to everything that played before it.