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I am getting a little thrill thinking of the olfactory paradise that is about to erupt around us in the coming days. Ah ! I keep leaving the back door open when I'm in the kitchen so I can hear the birds and feel the light and smell the air and then remember it's still COLD and I get uncomfortable. Oh well ! What's new ?


:) Here is a nice video that Kelsey took of the recent puppet show tour around the Northeast :)

5/1 w/ Diane Cluck @ Space 1026
5/9 w/ Bombshell Nightlight & Rachel Cardiello @ TBA

(West Coast)
5/15 @ Olympia, WA (w/ Allyson Foster)
5/16 @ Vancouver, BC (w/ Allyson Foster)
5/17 @ Seattle, WA (w/ Allyson Foster)
5/18 @ Portland, OR (w/ Allyson Foster)
5/20 @ Arcata, CA
5/21 @ Arcata, CA
5/22 @ San Fran, CA
5/24 @ Los Angeles, CA
5/25 @ San Diego, CA
5/26 @ Moorpark, CA
5/27 @ Santa Cruz, CA

If you want more information on any of these shows just reach out !

ALSO ! If you are in CALIFORNIA, WASHINGTON or OREGON and like to put on fun shows in your big or small town during the month of May, I will come to you !! We have a few days off that can be filled easily !! Just let me know !!


The Deeper Clarity website is getting a makeover right now, and when it's all done there'll be some new stuff up, including a new zine by me called FRUITING BODIES (and you can respond to this email if you're interested in that ASAP), pre-orders for the first non-me Deeper Clarity releases, some stuff by friends, etc etc.
This newsletter and that website are my attempts at totally circumventing social media and using in the internet in a productive way as well as not relying on huge data hungry exploitive social networks to spread the word about "underground/punk" art and music, so I'm working on making them the best resources possible. PLUS, they are designed to wait for you to access them, not bombard you and fight with everything else on the internet. Along this way of thinking, I was excited this morning to come upon a new resource by the Creative Independent called the Library of Practical and Conceptual Resources and especially to see the section called "How Do You Use The Internet Mindfully ?" If anyone is remotely interested in this topic I'd recommend exploring, I really enjoyed Designing Calm Technology, which complained of Information Overload in 1995 (!) and has a nice section on inner office windows.


that's probably about it for now! Thanks for reading, and as always practically all of my music is online for free at http://timwoulfe.bandcamp.com.
Here are some other recommendations for the month:
L'Age D'OR by Nighttime
The Measured Mile by Sundog

<3 tim <3

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