For all booking, email me at tim @ deeperclarity dot net If you put on shows in state parks, donut shops, beach bungalows, etc then you have my attention and I will come to you !
I am also available for private parties or one on one performances if you would like some soft music for yoga or cooking !


2/16 @ Ferngully (Philly) w/ Baby Mollusk, Sundog & Brittle Brian
1/20 @ Planet Phitness (Philly) w/ Closer, Baby Mollusk & Crooked Spine


12/15 @ Cactus Space (Philly) w/ Kate Ferencz, Flashlight O and Sunatirene
12/1 @ Piggies Amusement Complex (Philly) w/ R. Ariel, Kafari and Sluggrrr Pup
11/5 @ Philamoca (Philly) w/ Colleen
10/4 @ Lombard Cafe (Philly) w/ Anastasia Lasky, Crooked Spine, Looks Like Mountains and Tuxis Giant
9/30 @ James House (Haverford, PA) w/ Diners and Real Life Buildings
6/27 @ Silent Barn (Brooklyn) w/ Zach Phillips, Yours Are The Only Ears and The Spookfish
6/25 @ Dennis (Bloomfield, CT) w/ Kath Bloom, Flashlight O, Zanders and Weller
6/23 @ 186 Carpenter (Providence, RI) w/ Tiffany's House, Les Anges and Beth Douglas
6/22 @ Shed Cellar (Boston, MA) w/ Tiffany's House, Judy Chong and Bedbug
6/21 @ Franklin St. House (Northampton, MA) w/ Bella, Most Selfless Cheerleader and Walmart Romeo
6/17 @ Small World Books (Rochester, NY) w/ Rosehip, Kitchen and Slumbers
6/16 @ All Night Diner (Philly) w/ Peter Schranz, Sitcom, Fursaxa and a video by Z
4/27 @ The Stood (Purchase, NY) as part of the Culture Shock side stage
4/19 @ Piggies Amusement Complex (Philly) w/ Naps, Lesser and Lung Cycles
1/27 @ The Trackhouse (Olympia, WA) w/ Briana Marela and Blood Orphans
1/25 @ Northtown Coffee (Arcata, CA) w/ Tea Wiggs and Jeremy Bursich
1/24 @ SubRosa Community Space (Santa Cruz, CA) w/ Boy Scouts, Practicing Sincerity and Soap
1/22 @ Ghost Ramp Records (Los Angeles, CA) w/ Steady Lean, It Could Always Be Colder and Boy Scouts
1/21 @ All Star Lanes (Los Angeles, CA) w/ Little Wings and Boy Scouts
1/20 @ BK Kids Club (San Francisco, CA) w/ Staring Back, Boy Scouts and The Yellow Dress
1/19 @ the sSsSs house (Davis, CA) w/ Munchie BLVCKHXVRT, Matt Stalcap and Wayne Jetski
1/17 @ 526 Club Worldwide (Portland, OR) w/ Half Shadow, Indira Valey and Cave Cricket
1/16 @ Magic Lanes (Seattle, WA) w/ Blood Orphans, Guests and films by Linda Fenstermaker
1/15 @ Maya Shakti Yoga Studio (Anacortes, WA) w/ Space Heater and Pulsar


12/5 @ All Night Diner (Philly) w/ Liam Betson, Baby Mollusk and Ther
12/4 @ Third Rail Radio (College Park, MD) w/ Liam Betson and Ceremony
12/3 @ Sweetwater Dad Motel (Sweetwater, NJ) w/ Liam Betson, Sitcom, Ray Beck and Bean Trees
11/07 @ Jellystone (Philly) w/ New Holland, Shannen Moser and David F. Bello
10/21 @ In The West (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Rita Fishbone, Algebra II and Teen Spaceship
10/20 @ New Planet (Philly) w/ Teen Spaceship, Shannen Moser and Rhea
9/10 @ New Planet (Philly) w/ Tall Friend, Tender Mercy and Francie Cool
9/4 @ 603^ (Philly) w/ Trace Mountains, Sean Henry, Coping Skills and Boy Scouts
9/2 @ Goldilocks Gallery (Philly) w/ Free Cake For Every Creature, Trace Mountains and Boy Scouts
8/19 @ All Night Diner (Philly) w/ Tuxis Giant, Looks Like Mountains, Most Selfless Cheerleader and Ylayali
8/17 @ Silent Barn (Brooklyn) @ Mt. Home Arts Showcase w/ 100%, Fraternal Twin, Eskimeaux, Paper Bee and Real Life Buildings
7/24 @ Random Tea Room (Philly) w/ Long Beard, The Goodbye Party and Tyler Maxwell Bussey
7/23 @ Kokomo (DC) w/ Long Beard, Romantic States and Snail Mail
7/22 @ Richmond, VA w/ Long Beard, Cat Be Damned and Yaya
7/13 @ The Pharmacy (Philly) w/ Free Cake For Every Creature, Purrer and Control Top
6/13 @ The Silent Barn (Brooklyn) w/ Young Jesus, Pope and Real Life Buildings
5/22 @ Alphaville (Brooklyn) w/ Long Beard and Rainwater
5/21 @ All Night Diner (Philly) w/ Trace Mountains, Algebra II and Most Selfless Cheerleader
3/26 @ The Waiting Room (Philly) w/ Long Beard, Addie Pray and Boosegumps
3/21 @ The Pharmacy (Philly) w/ Yours Are The Only Ears, Ylayali and Nina Ryser
3/17 @ The Pharmacy (Philly) w/ Desahnya and Michael Chen Band


12/22 @ The Silent Barn (Brooklyn) w/ Long Beard, Fraternal Twin, Catholic Easter Colors and 100%
10/19 @ The Trackhouse (Olympia, WA) w/ Table Sugar, Freaky Pup, Baby Mollusk & Trust Fall
9/14 @ SUNY Purchase Graveyard (Purchase, NY) w/ Baby Mollusk & Friend Fiction
9/13 @ The Kremlin (New Brunswick, NJ) w/ Baby Mollusk, Old Maybe, Shawn Fitzgerald and Rob Romano
9/12 @ Robot Pirate Island (Philly) w/ Baby Mollusk, Long Beard & Old Maybe
5/3 @ The Stood (Purchase, NY) w/ Spectral Citadel Live Show, Tape Club, Jeffrey Lewis, Max Alper, Upper Chief, Moor Mother Goddess, Marcy & Ross & Josh Gr0ban
4/23 @ Shea Stadium (Brooklyn) w/ Crying, Slaughter Beach & Broken Beak

10/4 @ David Blaine’s The Steakhouse (Brooklyn) w/ Trace Mountains, Evil Band & Half Sour
9/27 @ The Fat Baby (NYC) w/ 100% & Baby Mollusk
9/17 @ The Stood (Purchase, NY) w/ Mount Eerie & 100%
7/16 @ The Batcave (Montclair, NJ) w/ Overlake, Life Eaters & Desir Decir
4/18 @ The Stood (Purchase, NY) w/ Puregrass, Chester Endersby Gwazda & Oh, Oh Ecstasy
2/23 @ The Stood (Purchase, NY) w/ Trace Mountains & Stephen Steinbrink
1/22 @ The Grand Victory (Brooklyn) w/ Orsino


10/29 @ SUNY Purchase Graveyard (Purchase, NY) w/ Peaer, Adult Mom, Whatever, Dad, Baby Mollusk, Pupppy & Daniel Grjonko
10/4 @ The Stood (Purchase, NY) w/ Lake & Breakfast In Fur
8/28 @ 186 Carpenter (Providence, RI) w/ Johnny Young, Katie Miller, Neil Jackson & Joshua Marcus
6/29 @ What Cheer? Antiques (Providence, RI) w/ Allysen Callery
4/13 @ Watermargin (Ithaca, NY) w/ Marloneisha & Slonk Donkerson


12/?? @ The Stood (Purchase, NY) Don't remember much other than a Very weird time, jazz major christmas music
11/27 @ The Stood (Purchase, NY) w/ Shana Falana, Mood Tattooed & Innersummer