I am writing to you while cozying up next to my space heater, shivering all the live long day. Sending warm thoughts to everyone else in this ice land !!! Last night I scanned in some pictures from the summer, like this one :

and thought of warmer times, though I must say that the feeling of getting in from the ice cold and drinking hot coffee while taking a hot shower is still one of the top feelings ever.

Anyways, things continue on over here, and I am feeling like I am emerging from a long and much needed sleep. I wasn't really sleeping, I was working on lots of stuff, but I'm actually feeling OK about what I'm working on right now. A major breakthrough !!! One of these, which I've mentioned before, is my new album "From The Canopy," which feels chaotic and coherent, dreamy and noisy, all at once and never at the same time. At least that's the goal ?? I'm excited to share it with you. Here is a picture from a little while ago of me poking out of "The Canopy" i.e. the room I'm recording the whole album in. I am imagining you will be able to listen to this late march, early April. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ! Basically.


ALSO on the way is a new comic called "Why Is This World Happening To Me?" which is being written automatically, and is generally very fun. I have no clue what it is about but here is a sample :

All of this is to say that there is a ! MEGA SALE ! happening over in the deeperclarity store !!! it's all got to go !!!!!


•A friend just recently got THE NOMA GUIDE TO FERMENTATION and I can't stop thinking about "banana bread miso" !! 6 or so months from now I'm really hoping I can tell you how it is•
•I've been very happy with lots and lots of red and white miso lately, every morning ! Miso and seaweed and fire cider ! My body doesn't know what to DO with itself ! •
The new Space Lady, of course, is PERFECT !
•Ditto to the new Olivier Schrauwen
Bye bye again, thanks for reading !

^ I was so impressed with the "eatin" sticker, and when we pulled alongside the passenger was munching on potato chips !! love when everything fits just right ^

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