Hello ! Hello !

This update is a long time coming, and maybe you already know or have your suspicions based on the name in the email, but last month I officially ~ came out ~ as a trans woman ! So I am now going by the name Ana and using she / her pronouns. No more Tim ! This is my 26th birthday present to myself and it is totally amazing :) Best one I'll EVER get !

Logistically, understandably, that is the biggest thing going on in my life right now. BUT ! As teased in the last transmission, there are many other things happening ! My new album, "From The Canopy," is OUT in the world right now, and I am planning to play some shows supporting it over the coming year. If YOU like live music, a crackling fire in a dark room, and soft goodly natured music, please be in touch ! I would love to come to your town at some point in the future, and if your town has a co-op with great vegan food I'm practically there already ! Check the for details on what is booked so far!

Moving on, the new issue of Fruiting Bodies - "WHY IS THIS WORLD HAPPENING TO ME ?" has officially arrived ! I risographed it all myself and it was SO MUCH FUN ! While I finish up the much needed yearly update to, you can order the zine by emailing OR through Store 1026

FINALLY : I am feeling light and bouncy today, as I recover from a seemingly WHIRLWIND first 4 months of the year, the culmination of which was the opening of the Archive Show at the studio/gallery that I am a member of here in Philly : Space 1026. Space was started in 1997 by a bunch of kids coming from Fort Thunder era Providence looking to start their own space. It has somehow existed in the same building until this year, when the building was sold to a developer and we were told we had to move out. Through luck and magic and the good will of many, we have been able to buy a new building that we are currently turning into our dream home, but for now we are celebrating the departure with a big archival show of art that has been in gallery shows there, art by past/present members, and whatever else has just been lying around the building. It was mind blowing to me to have my art hung next to people who inspired me to start drawing in the first place like Daniel Johnston, Jungil Hong and Brian Chippendale, and I would seriously recommend you swing by sometime between now and the end of June to be able to take it all in ! Here's a picture from the opening :

Thanks :) and talk soon! <3 Ana this page is a mirror of sorts for the deeper clarity newsletter, you can view the archive here
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