The North… The North ! Why am I thinking about The North so much ? Why do my thoughts keep flicking back to the baseball field down the hill from my parents house ? Why do I keep fantasizing about living in an environment where it’s always cold and everyone is wearing cool layers of clothes ? I rewatched My Winnipeg and ever since I haven’t been able to stop thinking of that magical golden North, even though by all means I am thoroughly HAPPY with everything about where I am. I think ? Who KNOWS ! The grass is always greener and the snow is always snower !

Anyways, I didn’t do an April update. April was crazy and May began even crazier (lots of harsh visits from Unexpected Bad) but here I am still updating after all. Blogs not dead ! I promise ! ALSO I RELEASED A NEW ALBUM ! I’M PRETTY PROUD OF IT ! YOU CAN STREAM IT HERE !

Anything else ? Yes, yah, this live track of mine was included on a WMUC comp. I hate practically everything my past selves have done and this is no different but it’s nice to be included ! No immediate shows but I’m going on tour in June and I’m probably going to hide in my house until then. Agh. Sometimes you just feel CRAZY and it’s best to do your thing in peace. I’m tryina !

updated reading list as of may 8 :

don't go where i can't follow by anders nilsen (completed, reread)
near to the wild at heart by clarice lispector (completed)
women in sound issues #2 and #3 (completed)
mary by lale westvind (completed)
the cricket sings by federico garcia lorca (completed)
wild fermentation by sandor ellix katz (completed)
summer book by tove jansson (completed)
what nerve edited by dan nadel (completed)
going on by joanne kyger (completed)
365 days by julie doucet (completed)
cometbus #51 by cometbus (completed)
fierce femmes and notorious liars by kai cheng thom (ongoing)
labyrinths by jorge luis borges (ongoing, reread)

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