Everyone’s talking about the summer, and how it’s over, and they say it in such a sad voice. The temperatures ARE chiller, the leaves are maybe changing a little bit, but I see no point in mourning when ! FALL ! the most beautiful of all seasons arrives in slow blooming beauty.

Remember folks: nostalgia is just one of many mind killers to not indulge, and fall knows this. Everyone is thinking about beach towels and popsicles and all of a sudden it swings in like an auburn scythe, dropping temperatures and making the leaves crumble to the moist earth. All of a sudden, everything is beauty and classic harvest celebrations like apple picking, corn mazeing and cider slurping come back into fashion. We are outside more, in graveyards more, wearing costumes more. Fall is the last truly magic time in which our bodies and the earth commune happily, where even the supermarkets are only trying to sell you a life consisting of earthly pleasures ! So rejoice ! Bake more pies ! Stare out the window longingly waiting for your favorite leaf to fall ! Go to the big graveyard near you ! There is only so much time to celebrate the colors and bounty of fall before the world goes into full death/cold mode and we never even want to leave our house !!!!!

(I kid, I love the cold and I love bundling up. This has been clearly stated on here before. BUT - fall is still the best season of all time and I’ll take that to my dead leaf strewn grave !!)

I have no direct news to share with you, other than that I have a few projects that are slowly coming to fruition. There are a few shows coming up too, all in Philadelphia but I’m looking to travel a little bit more sometime in the early winter ? All leading up to a big big tour next spring. AHHHHHHHH ! Here are the coming shows :

10/4 in Philly w/ Crooked Spine, Looks Like Mountains and Tuxis Giant
11/5 @ Philamoca w/ Colleen
12/1 @ All Night Diner w/R. Ariel and Lora Mathis

Thxx bye !

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