Future Living Manifesto (2019)

Future Living Manifesto Screenprint w/ Pepperoncini Chips for Scale

Space 5112 Intro Text (2020)

Two Drawings Hanging In The Space 5112 Show (2020)

Space 5112 Show Flyer (2020)

"Be Cool Winkie" for Free Spirit News' Mirror Issue (2021)

The Hair Crave (2019)

The Hair Crave hanging in the Space 1026 Archive Show (2019)

Under The First Floor Volume 1 Cover (2019)

The Good Life Is Easy ! Backdrop for Music Shows (2019)

Street Sign For Clown Show I Booked at Space 1026 :) (2019)

Golden Thing print (2018)

Golden Thing print cut up and made new (2019)

G'Day ! (2018)

New Guys (2018)

G'Day ! And New Guys hanging in "Overgrown" at The Fairmount House (2018)

Make Your Own Tempeh Illustration (2018)

The Good Life Is Easy ! flyer (2018)

The Way My Hands Feel (2018)

WE DID IT (2018)

Performance w/ Long Spoon for "Instagram" (2018)

Rudy In The Doorway of Piggies Amusement Complex (2018)

NYE Performance as "Billy Jean Bitcoin" in my bedroom at Piggies Amusement Complex (2018)

Ugh I wish I had documented this better ! This was a 3 hour long radio show broadcasted from my bedroom (WPIG headquarters) to a boombox downstairs for an immersive new years party my roommate put on. I don't have more footage than this :( So just enjoy 24 year old Ana spouting nonsense into the mic. My hair is up in a beehive and I'm wearing leggings and a cute sweater with tons of torn fabric draped around me. I did a lot of karaoke ("I Love Rock and Roll" was sung twice!) a performance called The Hello Symphony (hello, hi, it's our day, our world ! let's be piggies you boys, you girls !) held a moment of silence & ceremonial burning for victims of racial / transphobic violence in 2017, made a bunch of noise with contact mics I had hidden around the room, etc etc. It was fun and serious and long and ultimately really rewarding. Someday I will do something like this again !

How do you define success ? (2017)

"Silence" poster hanging in a backyard in Bloomfield, CT (2017)
(house show with Kath Bloom and Flashlight O and some other folks) (2017)

A Big Hello ! postcard (2015)