Finishing up At Certain Points We Touch by Lauren John Joseph today, I was tickled to realize that I kept picturing the main love interest (who is a truly classic LAD) as Bez from Happy Mondays. I never listened to that band really but I have always loved that his job is just to be a weirdo dancer boy for everyone :

I'm so jealous when someone figures out a cool setup like that for themselves. Like...your whole job is just to bop ? That rules !!!

I did get to live my fantasy of having a bop job once, in fall 2017 when I spent a week traveling with my friends in Real Life Buildings and Diners. Mostly I was just hanging in the car and helping load stuff in but on the last night of the tour at Everybody Hits we all joined Diners to play a full band version of Citrus. I'd never heard the song before but Blue asked me to play Vibraslap and told me I'd know when to I put on sunglasses and bopped for most of the song and slapped maybe like two or three times ? No surprise here it was SO !!! FUN !!! Sometimes dreams really do come true ☺

** posted 3/18/2023 **