♥OCTOBER 7, 2022♥

The first issue of my new serialized comic is HERE ! I spent a huge chunk of the year on it and am feeling v proud. If you're curious you can pop over to THE STORE right now and get yourself a copy !

And here's a pic of Erica Dawn Lyle using it to prepare her guitar at a recent show in Philly !

Apparently the size of this one is way preferable to my last zine "Babes in the Brackish," which was a little too thin and got chewed up too quickly !


I also recently made a DELUXE EDITION of my 2020 comic Heat Freaks, which has that comic plus other comics and writing ! It was really fun to put together and nice to put a bunch of stuff back in print.


That's it for now ! But, as always, there's more to come !