2022 Water Ice Tracker

For the uninitiated, Water Ice is a popular frozen treat here in Philly that is SO good and (I think ?) always vegan. People will try and tell you that it's basically Italian Ice but like, it's not. It's Water Ice. That name sounds oxymoronic but actually it's the perfect way to describe what you're consuming ! It's Water, It's Ice. There's also Flavor, and sometimes Fruit. These are all great things ! ☺

I grew up drinking eating Del's Lemonade in Rhode Island and in many ways it's the same sort of thing, though Del's tends to have thicker ice clusters that melt in your mouth in an happy drooly sort of way. I love that ! I love these treats. SO : I'm keeping track of every one I drink eat in 2022, and maybe you can find some inspiration or be reminded that it's a really good idea to work frozen delicacies into your life as soon as it gets warm.

NB: I've been thinking alot about what words I can use when describing these treats to make sure I honor the whole spectrum of textures that are available (from highly vicous to lightly solid !) I don't necessarily drink them, but to me eating requires chewing ? This is somewhere in between, and I'm not actually sure our language / culture is advanced enough to describe such a delicate situation. So I've decided to embrace the inherent ambiguity and use drinking (as in water) and eating (as in ice) simultaneously ☺

4/15 Mango John's Water Ice 5 Stars First of the year !! Drank / Ate after getting compost for my garden plot
4/22 Pistachio King's Water Ice 5 Stars INCREDIBLE green coloring, very unique flavor, will get again !!!
5/8 Lemon Del's Lemonade (Warren, RI) 5 Stars Absolutely legendary, iconic, please never change
5/10 Strawberry Lemon John's Water Ice 5 Stars Beautiful Combination ♥
5/18 Peach King's Water Ice 5 Stars So soft and gorgeous, plus the color had the same pumpkin-y tone of orange that was on my nails !
5/28 Lemon Lime John's Water Ice 5 Stars Honestly the lime was a little too harsh for me but I'd spent the whole morning working in the garden so it still went down so so so nice !