HI ! Thanks so much for coming to ~the site~. I, keeper and coder of deeperclarity.net, am Ana Woulfe. I am an artist, printmaker, musician, woman, transexuelle, vegan, cyclist, weirdo, smiley face, caring person, etc etc living on occupied Lenape land ("Philadelphia"). I started this website in 2017 and it has without a doubt become my greatest work of art. Of course that means that like most "great" works of art it will never be completed and once I depart it will never be touched again. It will serve it's function and then decay into a rotting pile of broken links and incompatible image files. A nurse log for the future web, or, a parked domain filled with ads for restaurants in a faraway state.

In this incarnation, though, deeperclarity.net's function is to be the main outlet for my "art" and "life." After many years of wandering, the conclusion I've come to is that ultimately my destiny is to be an "Art Ghost." Not only am I forever and inexplicably doomed to "create," but I am most comfortable haunting specific places - like this website - that are sort of secret and out of the way. So, here I am ! And every now and then you may think "oh yeah I remember Ana, what's she up to ?" so you log on for a second and the answer is always always always "Oh, just the same thing incessantly for the next thousand years. Right on !"

Sooooooo to use deeperclarity.net to it's fullest extent, just check when you think of it and maybe there will be something new for you to enjoy ! It's totally low stakes and we're gonna keep it that way :^) And, if you wanna chit-chat, you are so so welcome to reach out anytime at ana@deeperclarity.net.